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Weekly round up 20 November 2016

This weekend saw the start of our plan to get as many of our juniors to play as many innings as possible every week. The plan was created out of need with our teams starting to burst at the seams which meant players were sometimes only playing two innings each weekend which is not ideal for youth players. We started by getting game time for our 15U players on a Friday evening against clubs who have a bye on the weekend while we prefer games instead of training for our PeeWees also on Fridays.

We have to thank Devonshire Rovers (15U) and our neighbours Lansdowne Eagles (PeeWees) for coming to Chukker Road to play against our teams. This arrangement will be reciprocal and we will be visiting those teams at their home fields in the future on a Friday also.

On Saturday it was on the road to Grassy Park to take on Crusaders on a very windy day while our masters were the only team to be at Chukker Road.

As usual our softball was at Turfhall.

On to the games!


PEEWEES – VOB vs. Lansdowne – Results: Not important
So once again without having a game for us on the Saturday, even though there are 2 teams on bye this weekend we were forced to make sure our young stars had an opportunity to play the lovely game of baseball.
Luckily for us our neighbours, Lansdowne Eagles, have a beginner u10 team.

With us waiting for our new kit we just made sure the kids had baseball pants and caps for the time being. It was terribly windy on the day and with us making the great trek to Lansdowne’s field I could already see how excited the kids were to play.
This made me even more excited as I get to see the kids play more baseball. I personally prefer playing a game than practicing as this age group needs to have fun and play.
Only once these kids start getting used to the concept of baseball and how it’s played will the basics start automatically coming around.

As evident in some of my 3rd week kids that have been down a MASSIVE improvement in the game of Sydney, Tristan (watch this boy), Dre, Alvako, Athraa with Connor showing his mettle as well.

Going forward with this group, I had to release a few players to the u10s due to them being a bit too good for the league.
Caleb Abrahams, Zeke Sellars and soon Rustum will be playing u10 from now on.

Looking forward to 2 games this weekend for our peewee stars

UNDER 10’s – VOB vs. Crusaders – Result: 31-18 (VOB)
U10’s played Crusaders on Saturday 19/11/2016 beating them by 31-18. I would like to thank all the supporters. In the first frame the players hampered their play by limiting to 2 runs and scoring 6 runs in return. Crusaders scored 11 runs in the second and third frame and VOB countered with 14. The rest of the frames Crusaders only scored 5 runs and VOB countered with an amazing 11. Zeke Sellers scored 1 3 rbi and was brilliant as catcher. Leito Peterson hit a home run in 4th frame. Fayaad Damons hit 2 3 rbi’s and 2 homeruns. Jared van Sensie hit 2 homeruns. Storm Doyle hit a homerun and fielded excellently at second base. He took the most amount of catches in the game. Caleb aka smiley Abrahams was unbelievable as pitcher taking 6 outs to first base. Cayden Williams was at 1st base, this his first time. He held onto the balls on the base. The team did very well overall. There was plenty of communication between players and non-stop support. Well done to the U10 VOB boys.

UNDER 12’s – VOB vs. Crusaders – Result: 13-1 (VOB)
No report received,

UNDER 15’s – FRIDAY – VOB vs. Devonshire – Result: 7-4 (Rovers)
Friday evening saw the re-introduction of U15 Friday Night Lights as our new and younger boys took on Devonshire. Despite the 7-4 loss the boys played with great passion and as a result they made some outstanding plays. These games are going to be perfect platform for us to guide and develop these boys in their own game thereby ensuring all 22 U15 players get equal and quality games. A big thank you to Josh Adonis who closed the game for us on the hill. Awesome job my boy. Another big thank to the parents who came out to support.

SATURDAY – VOB vs. Crusaders – Result: – 17-11 (VOB)
The senior U15 side racked up a win for themselves this weekend against the Crusaders side.

Playing with a more aggressive approach than they’re used to, runners stole many bases, and hitters did an excellent job of scoring runs in each inning, showing that the hitters knew their jobs in the situations they were in.

Defensively, credit has to be given to the pitchers, who gave away very few hits, especially starting pitcher, Kian Africa. Other pitchers of the day were: Haydn Abrahams, Cody Waldegrave and Jordyn Riffel, who did really well for his first time pitching.

Overall, it was a very good display of VOB’s young talent. If they can keep their winning-mentality that they had on Saturday, this will be a very promising season for the U15s.

UNDER 18’s – VOB vs. Giants – Result: 18-2 (VOB)
(Cougars now 4 W – 1 L)

Adam Fowkes OBP – .800 (2 -2, 2 BB, 4 rbi’s 1 R); Caleb Galant OBP – .800 (1 – 2, 1 HR, 1 BB, 2 HP, 2 rbi’s, 2 R); Luke November OBP – .800 (3-4, 1 BB, 3 R); Damian Overmeyer – OBP .600 (0 – 2, 3 BB’s, 2 R), Rudi Adams OBP .400 (2 – 4, 1 2b, 1 rbi, 2 R).

This week I want to start my report by raising my cap to all the junior coaches across BAWP structures who, weekly, find themselves with close to, or more often than not, two squads of youngsters in the same age group, and find a way for them all to play. I coach some, and watch a fair bit of junior ball. Respect guys.

After a bye, and in the middle of the school exam period, the Cougars came out hungry. With Jesse Johnson settling in well on the mound and blanking the Giants in the top of the first, the Cougars loaded bases in the 1st with one down, only to fail to score a run. That changed in the 2nd, when Rudi Adams and Raees Haron smashed two doubles, and Luke November brought home Raees, and scored himself. 0 – 3.

Jesse maintained his control through the 3rd and Caleb Galant smashed a debut in the park home run, scoring Adam Fowkes as the Cougars started to take the game away from Giants. Raees then smashed another double and was scored by Luke again. 0 -6 and the Cougars were away. Giants brought one back to go 1 – 6 at the top of the 4th, but the Cougars then got stuck in to the Giants pitching, taking the game away to 1 – 13. Strong relief by Dylan Jefferies saw Giants limited to 1 further run over 3 innings, as they brought in their numerous substitutes late in the game and the Cougars continued to pile on the pressure.

Plays of the day: Raees’ doubles and Caleb’s HR. Tight pitching by Jesse and Dylan.

SOFTBALL JUNIORS – VOB vs. Falcons – Result: 13-10 (VOB)
Thank you Nathan for making up the numbers, which should have given us a comfortable win against Falcons. Instead, too many strikeouts by Hannah, who threw impressively, were turned into baserunners. Daisy swung the bat at last to record two home runs, while speedster Gia could have rounded the bases twice while she ran out her circuit clout

MASTERS – VOB vs. Durbanville – Result: 18-2 (Durbanville)

We started with a player short which disrupted our whole master plan. For the second week running errors has cost us to give away lots of unearned runs.
We played without a 2nd base for most of the game, well so it seemed as Glen Joseph was clearly paid by the other team to keep us in the field for as long as possible.

Our hitting deserted us as we only got 4 hits the entire game and they had something like 42 hits. Of course Yusuf Daniels got one of the four hits as per usual. Who’s counting. But the classic of the day was Nadeem Orrie diving for a ball in right field, but the ball was in centre field. Yes, we all were very confused. Final score 18-2 and we still had loads of fun.

FIRST RESERVE – VOB vs. Crusaders – Result: 10-3 (Crusaders)
The MLR team came up against Crusaders in a game that was marred by pre-game confrontations with the person that eventually turned out to be the person that umpired the game. There was even an incident that after an exchange of words he wanted to get into a physical confrontation with one of the 18u players on our team during the pre-match warmup.

The umpires’ ego got the better of him with blatant one sided calls, which eventually turned out to be a challenge that the VOB reserves were not able to overcome on the day. VOB suffered 7 strikeouts and only managed to get 5 batters on base, scoring 3 runs in the process.

The only positives that can be taken from the game is that our pitchers managed to contain their frustration and get through 5 innings, with many strikes not being called, especially third strikes until Crusaders were 8 runs up.

The best batters for VOB were Charlie Elissac (2-2, 2R, 3SB), Luke Jacobs (1-2, 2RBi) and Cody Adams (1-2, 1R, 1SB).

This game was the worst excuse for a baseball game that I have been involved with in my 20+ years of baseball and it saddens me that the talented youth at Crusaders have such poor role models. If this is what baseball at Crusaders is like, I’d rather not show up on the day, do something together as a team and give Crusaders the 2 points that seems to be more important that actually playing a game of baseball.

SATURDAY – VOB vs. Crusaders – Result: 15-5 (VOB)
Tim Uitvlugt pitched five solid innings for the win giving up 2 hits, 2 sacrifice hits and 1 base on balls while striking out 2 batters.
Grant Robertson closed out the game, pitching 4 innings, giving up 2 hits while striking out 4 batters.

Best batters were Zubair (3 – 6) with 3 RBI’s; Paul (2 – 2) and Lance (1 -4) with 2 RBI’s.
Miguel came off the bench and hit a long double to centre field for 2 RBI’s.

A good all round performance except for the errors.

SUNDAY – VOB vs. Durbanville – Result: 13-6 (VOB)
Josh Rich (4 innings), Michael Scritten (4.2 innings) and Jarrod Levendal (0.1 innings) held Durbanville to 6 runs (3 earned). Michael picked up his first win.
Zubair continued where he left off the day before and batted 3 – 5 scoring twice and driving in a run.

Grant Emmanuel (2 – 3) drove in 3 runs while Miguel Wilson recorded his first Home Run for 3 runs.
He also reached base on 3 HPB’s.


SOFTBALL 2nd TEAM – VOB vs. St Augustines – Result: 9-8 (Saints)
Nine players took the field, courtesy of some crazy recruiting, and this impossibly young team came soooo close in losing.

Averaging 12 years in age, the battery of Hannah and Alex performed admirably, the almost total inexperience of the infield notwithstanding.

We batted solidly, notably Alex and Michelene. Thanks to Kaylee and Clio, who both show great potential.

MAJOR LEAGUE – VOB vs. Lavender Hill – Result: 7-4 (Lavender Hill)
Meghan oozed class as she almost led us to a major upset of the log leaders who had conceded just one run in their previous seven games.

We led 4-2 after four, going down 4-7 mainly due to a few costly errors.

Not only did our highly motivated pitcher keep the opposition hitters quiet, she also batted three for three including a triple and a double! Shaunal chipped in with a key hit, and Tonique pulled off a great catch against the dugout fence.

Our spirit is fantastic; we will continue to improve with ongoing work on our play.

Breaking News!

Friday Night games will become the norm at Chukker Road so keep watching this space for fixtures.

Anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

Rio Harrison (19/11), Josh Adonis (20/11), Byron Rudimuldi (20/11), Jayden Davis (22/11), Enrique Adonis (22/11), Sheila Johnson (24/11) and Gavin Jeffries (24/11) have all celebrated or will be celebrating birthdays. Congrats on another year at VOB and may you be blessed with good health for years to come.

Shahn and Carl Jeffries (21/11) celebrated their wedding anniversary. Congrats and may you see many more.

Please let us know if anyone is celebrating their birthday or anniversary so that we can congratulate them and so that their club mates can make their day even more special.

Fundraiser function, events, etc.
Chip and Putt/Fun Day will be taking place at Chukker Road on 16 December 2016. Details on flyer. Over the next few weeks we will be having quite a few other smaller fundraisers so watch this space.

Thought for the week
“What counts is NOT the many hours you put in, but HOW MUCH you put into those hours!!”

Remember, if there is anything that you would like included in the weekly round up contact me and I will insert it. If you know of any person who is not receiving the mail or would want to receive it please contact me and don’t forget our web address (www.vob.org.za) and e-mail (vob@bat.co.za).

Kevin Johnson