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1ST Reserve

The VOB second side has become a nice mix of very young and past ML players this season. As the season has progressed it has become evident that this blend is paying dividends as the young players have blossomed against adult opponents and this bodes very well for the future of VOB.

The second side has become the team where VOB develop young talent and winning is secondary in this team, but don’t tell them that. The last two weekends have shown just how much they have developed as they lost close games against Bothasig and Athlone A’s, who always have strong second teams.

This weekend they take on the Tygers in Bellville and they will be thoroughly tested against a Bellville team who always boast ex-ML players.

This team has players ranging from 13-16 years old who have started holding their own against much older opposition and it will only stand them and VOB in good stead that they are playing so far above their level. These young players will gain so much playing with a few veteran players like Lyle Goldman, Jason fester and Charlie Ellisac guiding the youngsters on the field.

The seconds are definitely on the up and have been playing some good baseball against ALL the teams this season.

Coach Cedric Johnson and david Beukes have been working well with a mix of very young players and some good “older” ones.

This weekend they take on Durbanville Villians  who they always have good games against. The previous game against Villians young Naeem Dollie pitched a brilliant game against players much older than himself; can he do it again?

With some “old” Macaws coming back to the ballpark this season after breaks from the games, our young players are benefitting from their experience. Lyle “Goldie” Goldman, Charlie Ellisac, Jason “Jayo” Fester and Brevan Pharaoh have really done the world of good for the youngsters.

Sure to be another classic game between the two second teams so come down and support our boys at 13h00 at Chukker Road.