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The masters team has made a MASSIVE turn-around in the past two seasons with past-ML players coming back to enjoy a run-around on Saturdays. The core of these players have battled with player numbers over the past few years and are now enjoying days where they have almost two teams in the dugout.

The Silver Fox Hadley Craig is still throwing the baseball as if he was a major leaguer, but he now has Ruan Klink, Glen Josephs and Yusuf Daniels assisting with the pitching duties, which makes it so much easier on the older bodies.

The old man, Nadeem Orrie, just cannot quit and still shows players 10-20 years his junior how to hit a ball – even though his knees can barely carry him.

many others have since joined and enjoyed not only the baseball, but the company and they have really become a big family, chatting EVERYDAY as if they never see each other.

It has been a long time since I have witnessed this team enjoying themselves the way they do currently. What a pleasure seeing this from a club point of view.

This week it’s the BATTLE OF CHUKKER ROAD when our masters team takes on our immediate neighbours Lansdowne Eagles.

Our masters have started getting back so many of our past players that they are even attracting spectators who have not been to the ballpark in years. The mix of “stars” and fighters in this team will make this a formidable team this season.

This weekend will be a really hard game because bragging rights are at stake here! Lansdowne were the top dogs in the masters league last season so they will start as favourites, but this VOB team will be going all guns blazing to win the bragging rights this weekend.

Come on down to Chukker road and see our former stars fight for bragging rights on the VOB diamond.