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Baseball Jargon

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Design By Kyle Jones


Co-Life Presidents

Michael Bell Snr & Brian Lombard


Honorary Vice Presidents

Alicia Bell, Deon Beier, Anthony Hunter, Reggie Emmanuel, Keith Keeson ,Hadley Craig, Greg Willemburg, Rob Nelson , Abel Levitt


Executive Committee

Chairman: Kevin Johnson

Vice Chairman: vacant

Secretary: Denise Jones (interim)

Treasurer: Denise Jones (acting)

P.R.O/Events: David Beukes (acting)

Baseball Club Captain: Paul Bell

Softball Club Captain: Terri-Lee Barends

Youth Convenor: Jayde Johnson

Additional members: Jared Haynes, Brevan Pharaoh, Marc Erntzen


Coaching Staff

Senior Baseball

Head of coaching – Kevin Johnson

Major League – Greg Willemburg, Cedric Johnson,

First Reserve – Brevan Pharaoh,

Masters – Yusuf Daniels, Hadley Craig, Nadeem Orrie

Senior Softball

First team – Brian Lombard

Junior Baseball

U/10 – Paul Bell, Denver Johnson, Barry

U/12 – Altino Elliot

U/15 – David Beukes, Jesse Johnson

U/18 – Jayde Johnson, Zubair Larney

Catching Specialist – Andrew Ball
Pitching Specialist – Cedric Johnson


Available Teams

Senior Teams:

Baseball – Major League, 1st Reserve League and Masters

Softball – Super League, 3rd League,

Junior Teams :

Baseball – Pee Wees, u/10, u/12, u/15, u/18

Softball – u13